Burgers' Smokehouse

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Our History
Our humble beginnings can be traced back to 1927, the year E.M. Burger cured his first hams. It was a time when most folks didn’t have iceboxes, much less refrigerators. But they had a hog or two. And they needed to eat. So using his mother’s age-old curing recipe brought over from Germany,

Mr. Burger cured hams using a mixture of salt, pepper and brown sugar. At this point, most people wonder how he grew a business using ingredients readily found in a pantry.

But what you might not know is that his most prized ingredient was patience. Mr. Burger had bagged, cured and aged his first hams himself, in accordance with the ancient principles his mother passed down.

In that first year, he sold six hams. The next, he sold 12. And in the 1930 , E.M. married his wife, Natalia. Together they cured and sold 24 hams.
32819 Hwy 87 California, Missouri
California, MO 65018
+ 800-7052323
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