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About WineRX:-
Have you ever noticed that you can easily get a headache when drinking wine? Since 1988, the FDA has required the addition of sulfites to wine in the United States. If you were to pour yourself a nice relaxing glass of wine in most other would probably not get a headache as easily. You can simply enjoy the wine. Tannins, which are very heavy in Red Wines, may also produce a headache. Tannins can also give a young wine that astringent or dry feeling as it hits your tongue. If you drink too much wine, you will probably get a headache.This is not a product that will reduce the affects of drinking too much wine. The best advice is to drink responsibly. Mine is the story of someone that could not drink wine for many years. Just a small amount of wine would produce a throbbing headache. I wanted to enjoy a glass of wine at the end of a long day, on an occasion with friends or a special night out. I started doing a little bit of research. Here is what I have found. Here is how I developed Drop It into to a patent pending product.
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