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When it comes to packing odd-shaped items, Small World Moving TX are always generous with the boxes. What that means is, if you have particularly delicate, irreplaceable heirlooms, they should have a box to themselves. Because some of the best long distance movers Dallas can offer work for us, we use only high quality techniques: We place a blanket on the bottom of a deeper box, then place the carefully wrapped item inside, and add a fluffy pillow on top. After we pack your easy to break items like this, we will seal up the boxes they belong to, and label the boxes “FRAGILE“ on every side. But you should make sure to write down each box’s contents next to the “fragile” sign. When the moving day comes, show us which boxes contain fragile items. But if you’re still unsure about your packing skill at least a little bit, ask for the help from premium long distance movers Dallas. We always provide our clients with specialized boxes for fragile items, and separate packing gear like the dish packs and mirror/picture frame packs. Call Small World Moving TX now and relocate worry-free!
8282 Moberly Ln
Dallas, tx 75227
+ 1-9722948083
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