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Lintbells Story
Visibly full of life from nose to tail
More wiggle when they wag. Purrrfect coats and playful pounces. Glowing health from head to tail. Quality of life and more complete nutrition, whatever their age. We call it visibly full of life – and it's what we're all about, here at Lintbells.

Helping them be full of life
From veteran best friends who are feeling their years, to pups who are growing fast, to working dogs who need extra support, whatever's going on in your pet's life, we want to hear about it. And help where we can. After all, our mission is to enhance the lives of as many dogs as possible.

Proven in the park and vet's practice
There’s science (and love) behind everything we do here at Lintbells. Ingredients are always the absolute best, scientifically studied, and we're always on the lookout for ways to improve. It's a unique, committed approach that means we're completely confident that your furry one will look and feel better – so much so that we offer a 'See the Difference' Guarantee on all our products.

But don't just take our word for it. See what other owners say, and meet the happy canine, equine and feline customers in our blog section.

Meet our Research & Development team at Lintbells

The team from left to right:

James Howie BVetMed MRCVS (Veterinary Director)
Rachel Hylton BVetMed MRCVS (Veterinary Technical Manager)
Siobhan Griffin RVN (Learning & Development Executive)
Dr Ann Haigh MVB MSC MRCVS (Product Development Manager)
Andrew Little VetMeD, MRCVS, MBA (Innovation Manager)
A bit about Lintbells
Lintbells has been making premium quality, natural* supplements since 2006, when John Davies and John Howie discovered a shared passion: the difference great nutrition can make to pets' lives.

Every new product begins with a need. Our joint supplements started with Charlie, John D's much-loved chocolate Labrador. After trying all the available alternatives, Charlie was still stiff – so we set out to create something better – and YuMOVE, the UK's #1 joint supplement for dogs was born. These days, new supplements and products often start life with a customer request – so never hesitate to share your ideas!

Let's talk it through
Here at Lintbells, we're a friendly bunch of animal lovers – from our warehouse and finance teams to our animal nutrition specialists and vet advisers. We really love talking to our customers (and potential customers), so please give us a call about what’s happening in your dog, cat or horse’s life – we'll always try our utmost to help.

We're here 8am-7pm Central Standard Time on 844 570 3222 – or email [email protected]

Over 90% of the ingredients are derived solely from plant, animal or mined sources having been subject to physical processing (such as heat processing, purification, extraction, hydrolysis, enzymolysis or fermentation).
Cypress Waters Boulevard, Suite 160, Dallas, TX
Dallas, tx 75019
+ -8445703222
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