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Our Story
In 2003, Russell Potterfield was a business owner with a problem.

He was paying too much for his business printing needs, and the costs kept rising.

He discovered that printing in China was an affordable solution, and delivered the same high-quality printing as his U.S. printers. Skeptical at first, he started small, but over time his company did more and more of their printing in China. However, coordinating a project halfway around the world came with risks.

So in 2009, Russell and his family moved to Shenzhen, China and PrintNinja was born.

Our American team handles customer service and prepress, while our Chinese team handles production and logistics. Together we maintain low prices while providing top quality printing and customer service.

PrintNinja has printed millions of comic books, children’s books, games, magazines, and catalogs for thousands of independent creators, self-publishers, and businesses. Our reputation is the best in the industry, and we work hard every day to uphold it.
Evanston, IL, USA
Evanston, il
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