DogWatch by Laughing Labrador

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It's all about your dog!

DogWatch® by Laughing Labrador is a husband and wife team – David and Kathy Downey. While other pet fence companies might sent out a salesman to see you, an installation crew to put the fence in and maybe someone else to share some training tips, we are your pet containment team and specialists for every step of the process. We will listen carefully to your needs, get to know your pet and help you design a containment solution that best fits your needs, property and lifestyle. We also have solutions for indoor boundaries and dog training needs.

When we purchased a wooded lakefront property near Unadilla, Michigan, we inherited a DogWatch Hidden fence from the previous owners. We were so impressed with how the fence contained our recently rescued Silver Lab, that we applied to the DogWatch headquarters to become appointed as the local dealer. That included traveling to Natick, MA, where we were met by eight of the employees' dogs to make sure we were really dog people.

Today we proudly install and service DogWatch products in Oakland, Washtenaw, Livingston, Genesee, Jackson, Shiawassee, and western Wayne counties…and Larry the silver lab, who did not even know how to smile when we first met and adopted him, became the happiest Laughing Labrador around after discovering all of the freedom that his DogWatch fence gave him!

We love seeing how quickly DogWatch products change the lives of pets and their owners. Anxious dogs that have been tethered almost immediately become calm and noticeably happier once they experience the freedom of their owner's own yard. And in Michigan weather, being able to sometimes simply let your dog in and out rather than going for a leash walk is a relief for owners. Expert training, staff that cares, and superior product makes this possible. The patented FM Safelink design, 2 year battery life, lifetime warranty and many other user friendly features makes this the best system in the world for pet containment.

Kathy and Malcolm Camping1Our business careers in multiple industries taught us the importance of providing excellent customer service and investing in our own community. In addition, donating 5% of each installation’s price to local charities allows us to give back to the community that has given so much to us. It is a tremendous pleasure to combine our love of animals and nature with helping our neighbors, both the four-legged and two-legged varieties.

David was born and raised in Ann Arbor, moved away to pursue a business career after college. He only returned after taking Kathy on vacation to Michigan. She declared it her forever home and insisted we move back. We are town residents of Ann Arbor and lake residents of Unadilla, in Washtenaw County, and live with Larry the “Laughing Lab”, Lucy the "Laughing Labradoodle" and Jack, the “Somewhat Cranky“, 12-year-old Maine Coon cat.
3050 Home Wild Dr
Gregory, MI 48137
+ 1-7347807777
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