The Spanish Group LLC

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The Spanish Group (TSG) helps companies, governments and individuals scale their growth by supporting their localization and translation needs in Spanish and more than 90 other languages. We translate civil certificates, websites, legal documents, general business documents, academic publications and many other document types that require certified translation and professional translation. We have evolved with the industry by working on wide-ranging translation projects and we offer very competitive prices at revolutionary speeds.

We are unique because of our rigorous quality control and strict confidentiality protocols that help us to stand out and make us among the best certified translation service providers. Our translators are language experts who are highly trained and have years of experience in the translation industry. Moreover, they are legally bound to non-disclosure agreements and are experts in the specific industries that they provide certified translation services for.
19200 Von Karman Ave Suite 600 Irvine, CA, 92612 United States
Irvine, ca 92612
+ +1-8004601536
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