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We love all furbabies! Love Your Pets™ started many years ago by providing pet tags to amazing animals all over the country. We’ve protected over 6 million pets with our engraved, lifetime guaranteed ID tags! We've created tags for millions of individual pets as well as for groups such as veterinary clinics, animal shelters, rescue groups, homeowners associations, government offices and Humane Society chapters throughout the United States. We now have grown into a pet products company and are excited to provide you and your pets the products you need!

We are a family run business dedicated to fantastic customer service. We want you and your furbaby to be happy! We will keep your pets safe & stylin with beautiful yet durable tags, collars and leashes and more!

Our pics of our family of our furbabies!

From the top:

- Mia, our GoldenDoodle and Floofy girl!
- Jimmy Mac, our little boss man, the Jack Russell!
- Toney, our big boy, the Rhodesian Ridgeback!
40 E Sherman St
Lebanon, TN 97355
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