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"Al Ghad" is the first Arabic news channel to be launched from Cairo, providing the viewer and the browser with a news service based on accuracy and objectivity.

Like Al-Ghad, Al-Ghad's website serves to provide the news service to the viewers with more accurate content, in order to respect the mind of the truth-seeking viewer away from sectarian, sectarian and regional incitement.

Through its air and electronic broadcasting, Al Ghad seeks to be a platform for free, open, modern and contemporary thought, adapted to the intellectual and cultural development of the Arab man, and employs technology to convey news content that respects the mind and keeps up with the times.

In spite of the timeliness of the channel, it has succeeded in providing excellent content and comprehensive coverage of the news through a network of correspondents in various hot spots in the region and the world. It also succeeded in taking a prominent place in the Arab media arena through its rapid, direct and objective coverage of the events. The various political, economic, cultural, artistic, sports and social events of interest to the Arab audience, and sought to attract a group of professional journalists who are able to provide meaningful content and distinct and neutral to the viewer and the reader alike.

Al-Ghad was a pioneer in a number of media meetings with prominent personalities on the international and regional

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Customer Reviews of Alghad TV(#1 Middle Eastern & WorldWide News Agency)

March 12, 2019

انا احب هذه القناة

March 11, 2019


March 7, 2019

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