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Artfully Crafted & Built To Last
It is our belief that our dedication to 100% solid wood shutter products set us apart from any other shutter supplier in Ireland All our products are made from high grade wood and come with factory backed warranties. Our expectation is that every customer is 100% satisfied with the product supplied. Thank you for visiting our website, we hope to be of assistance to you soon,

Full Height Shutters
Our full height shutters are made from quality superior furniture grade basswood. We don’t use MDF, our shutters are made for life.

There is really only one full height shutter type which fills the whole of the window recess. The panel is a single panel in height. The main advantage with installing full height plantation shutters is that there are so many different types and designs of windows that a full height shutter can go on to.

They add a modern elegance to any room.

Cafe Style Shutters
Cafe style shutters cover the lower portion of your window, maximising the light while still controlling privacy.

In some situations a cafe style shutter may be ideal. In this case you are not covering the full height of the window but merely bringing the shutter panel to your chosen height within the window recess and leaving the top half of the window free.

Café style shutters lend a chic continental feel to your interior.

Tier On Tier Shutters
These cover the whole window, but the top and bottom can open independently of one another.

For even greater control the shutter panels can in effect be split into two to cover the window recess with one panel sitting above the pther and this is known as tier on tier shutters. In general all panels are made with moveable slats so splitting the panel into two allows fantastic control over your privacy options.

You can, for example, leave the louvres in the bottom panel shut while angling the louvres in the upper panel to provide the level of light you require. Alternatively, you could just fold the upper panel out of the way so the upper window is totally free of a window covering.

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Call us: 075 3862 2918
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71-75 Shelton Street, Covent garden, London, WC2H 9JQ
London, ENG WC2H 9JQ
+ -07538622918
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