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Kryptonite Solutions was born with values and mission to transform the healthcare environment with easy-to-use products helping patients and people working. Irrespective of any products we come up with, our core values and beliefs remain the same with innovation touching the soul of this company. Kryptonite Solutions strives to constantly transform the healthcare industry with the conclusive objective of introducing state-of-the-art products. We are also an ultimate healthcare design company to meet your demands on enhancing hospital infrastructure through positive patient experience. Our driving force at work is that we truly feel people with passion can change the world for better. Feel inspired & inspire others. Our goal at Kryptonite is to genuinely help the healthcare industry with futuristic technology products.
32, Behind Suvarna Hospital, Shimpoli Road, Borivali (W), Mumbai - 92. Shimpoli Road
Suvarna Hospital
Mountain View, CA 400092
+ +91-2228995246

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