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TapeOnline.com carries an extensive inventory of products for the video, audio, digital media and information systems industries.

More than just "tape"
Yes, we hear it all the time. "Tape? Who uses tape anymore?" Well, you may be right unless you need the sticky kind (which we carry) or you're doing data backup or you're a true audio pro seeking the natural sound of reel-to-reel audio tape.

Of course, a company cannot survive on tape alone, and so it is with TapeOnline. We carry just about anything a media production company needs -- hard drives, memory cards, discs, grip equipment, cables, batteries, lighting, etc.

Master Dealer Service and Pricing
We're a Master Dealer (preferred dealer) for nearly all of our vendors. That means you get the best pricing and service and you get to take advantage of special promotions like the Sony Rewarding Recording® program.

Security and Convenience
Our secure, e-commerce web site is easy to use and provides all the information you need to make an informed purchase. Choose from a variety of shipping levels. Order history is always available so you can track down a lost invoice or repeat an order easily.

Orders received by 5:00PM CST ship the same day.
If your order is placed by 5:00PM CST, it will ship the same day, assuming the product is in stock (which it almost always is) or there are no problems (which rarely happen).

It has to be a really, really bad day to keep us from shipping. In the rare case of a problem with your order, we make every effort to keep you informed so you can make alternate plans. And, if you're need is extremely urgent, just call us at 877-893-8273.

Detailed Online Information
Once you place an order we'll send you an order confirmation email. When it ships, we’ll send you a tracking number, as well. You can always log into your account at anytime to check an order, repeat an order, or view your order history.

We offer GSA pricing on select products for federal government agencies and departments. To learn more, check out our GSA information page.

We love to talk
We're not afraid to talk to you! Our toll free number, 1-877-893-8273, sits prominently on every page. Need help, have a question, or just don't like placing orders online? By all means, call us.

Others like us. You will too!
We get rave reviews. Check out what our customers have to say at TrustPilot.
438 Houston St Suite 288 Nashville,
Nashville, TN 37203
+ 877-8938273
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October 30, 2018

I love these guys!One stop for all shop

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