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Get Custom Logo Design, Web & Office Stationery Design with a guaranteed 30 minute delivery on initial designs for the very first time. We are the most cost effective Logo Design Service out there. Get Your Logo Done the Same Day!
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September 28, 2021

I paid Logo in 30 Minutes $485 to build a website for my new business. They took my money right away as we talked about the website. At the time, I was also in contact with another company who ended up giving me a better deal on the website so I requested a full refund from Logo in 30 Minutes. I paid them on 05/18/2021, today's date is 09/28/2021, and they never refunded me. This is plain and simple no matter how you look at it: stealing! They took my money, performed zero work, and never had to lift a finger, then they kept my money. I had been more than patient with them but after 2 months, I went back and forth with them via email. They just kept lying. It's been nearly 5 months now and they never refunded that money. As a brand new startup business, I just wanted to make the most out of the very limited resources I had, and these people ruthlessly took advantage of me by stealing my money. When they take your money and deliver no service in return, that's what it's called. Not sure how they sleep but doesn't that cross their mind that this poor guy may have a family and bills to pay, and is really missing that money? They're like a valet I give my car keys to park my car, then they take the keys and drive away in my car that I never see again. Stay far away from Logo in 30 Minutes! Bunch of liars and thieves.

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