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About NavTool

NavTool is a New York based company that designs, manufactures, and distributes several types of devices created to expand the electronics capabilities of vehicles. The vital device of our product line is an interface that expands video input options to your vehicle’s navigation screens.

While possibilities vary with the year, model, and make of your vehicle, potential enhancements to the video system include connecting back-up and front view cameras, using the rearview camera while en route, video-in-motion capabilities, connectivity for various external video sources such as DVD player, TV, iPad/iPod/iPhone, Blue Ray DVD player, game console, tablet and more.

The NavTool interface connects a video source of your choice to the original factory vehicle navigation system or color screen (as long as there is a factory color screen, it works). While you are watching a video, navigation instructions may still be heard. Returning to the navigation mode can be done with just the touch of a button.
260 Christopher Lane, Suite 101, Staten Island NY
New York, NY 10314
+ -8776288665
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