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GoRoostr, a new re-commerce website, is not your average Apple device purchaser. We knew early that while there is plenty of competition in the re-commerce market place, there is still something missing; customer service and honesty. GoRoostr is rooted in the firm belief that customer service comes first. Customer service has been a primary principle from the begining and you can tell from our reviews. At GoRoostr you never talk to a machine, wait endless amounts of time on the phone or get passed around from person to person.

Did we forget to mention our competitive prices? At GoRoostr we monitor the prices of the competition often to make sure the rates we provide are the most competitive. We think it's only fair to give you what your device is worth.

GoRoostr offers premier service, without all the gimmicks. We're not the largest Mac trade-in company. We don't have fancy advertisements or a trendy spokesman. GoRoostr is reliability and quality. Simple as that.
Huntingdon Valley PA 1810 County Line Road Unit 410
Pennsylvania, PA 19006
+ 1-2153225709
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 09:00 - 17:00

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