Mozzaz Corporation

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Modern technology enables new digital experiences and Mozzaz is on a mission to deploy solutions that create collaborative, personalized care plans for all patients and programs. Our digital health platform provides extensive solutions for virtual health, secure telehealth, remote patient management and interactive patient engagement. By taking a consultative approach to digital health and the virtual care ecosystem, Mozzaz is deploying everything from configurable, out-of-the-box technologies to completely customized solutions on a unified digital healthcare platform.

At Mozzaz we understand that providing high quality healthcare can be complex, and as our environment evolves, so should the technology that supports it. Intelligent, adaptable, and versatile, we are enterprise ready with omni-channel, secure solutions, all built on the Microsoft Cloud for full system interoperability.
1700 Market St. Suite 1005
Philadelphia, PA 19103
+ 1-2153251802
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