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2019-04-04 23:41:15

I came to this company because my last supplier increased the prices and it was unexpected and very unreasonable. They have increased their price on an item I order 3 times in 6 months. I DONT UNDERSTAND THE LOGIC????? We already have to pay taxes on these online products now because of a new law and ANYPROMO is adding insult to injury! It’s ridiculous. The manager gave me a one time courtesy and charged me the price I paid just 3 days ago, but what’s next????? You keep going up on the prices!??? Another thing, no matter how much in advance you submit orders, it’s ALWAYS an issue or delay when you’re ready to approve and pay for it!!!!!!! They send so many emails to get you to approve it and when you do it’s always an issue. Makes no sense. Now it’s possible I won’t make the deadline I needed them for. I’m going to start looking for another printing company. This is ridiculous! The rep messed up my order and then the person that was supposed to fix it left for the day. I can’t risk not having my stuff on time nor these “just because” rising prices and it’s not a small increase. They ruined my day and possibly my business plans.