Anthem Screen Printing

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It began as most stories do -- in a garage. We were scooping spilled plastisol from the cement, printing band shirts on a junky single color press, and dreaming of future headline gigs and backstage after-parties. Little did we know then that our names in bold would not be from music, but rather from the addicting art of screen printing. Passion, motivation and drive led us to taking the jump from hobby to business, and we've never looked back.

Late 2009 found us our first real home, a tiny store squished between a health food grocer and Japanese whisky bar. We quickly filled every inch and crevice of that place, and broke down the walls to the world of screen printing by offering pre-burned screens to the public! Without the need for a dark room, anyone who had the will and creativity could get a print-ready screen and let loose to plaster their designs on anything they desired.

By 2012 the people caught on and we were swamped! There already wasn't enough room for us! Again! So our modest crew packed some boxes, headed out to the Outer Richmond, and settled in a cozy 2 story shop. With all this room our shelves bloomed and we had more free-space to help any printer that walked in our doors, called from remote islands, or clickety clicked from a garage just like ours from across the country.

Fast forward to 2015 and we were again bursting at the seams. Our Richmond store was no longer able to contain us and we were in need of something bigger. Much bigger. This led us to our newly acquired warehouse in the city of South San Francisco. Its wide open spaces and sky high ceilings allowed us to offer new services like squeegees cut to any size, and more importantly increase efficiency to keep up with ever-increasing demand.
390 Swift Ave #20 S. San Fran, CA 94080 390 Swift Ave
San Francisco, CA CA 94080
+ (415)-4005466
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 10:00 - 18:00

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