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Our Mission
Our mission is to help our customers achieve massive success and popularity online.

But Why?
Every team member at CoinCrack has started companies, designed/developed products and promoted countless side projects.

We’ve seen first hand how difficult it is to stand out in today’s noisy social media landscape and we were disgusted by the options out there. We knew we could do better.

We’re truly passionate about helping people achieve the credibility and notoriety they deserve online. We’re well aware that the products we deliver falls into an ethical “gray area”, but we’ll keep doing it as long as it keeps working, keeps our customers happy and helps them achieve their goals.

What’s with the “Coin” and the “Crack”?
Bitcoin and virtual currencies play an important role in CoinCrack’s history.

Funny thing is, we never intended to be in the social media marketing business. In 2013 we were looking for products and services we could sell for Bitcoin and stumbled on the unquestionable demand for these services.

The domain name was purchased before we even know what business we would be in. All we knew was that it would be Bitcoin related. So “Coin” comes from Bitcoin but “Crack”… it just made for a great alliteration and good brand name, like “CocaCola”. But remember kids – Crack is whack!

Our Team
The CoinCrack team is made up of entrepreneurs, designers, developers, bloggers and social media gurus.

We all work remote – from home, cafes and co-working spaces spanning 4 countries. While many of us have never met in person, our shared purpose and strong work ethic keeps us connected. The Internet has enabled us to work virtually and live the lifestyle of our dreams – a dream previous generations couldn’t possibly imagine.
San Francisco
San Francisco, CA 48137
Social Media

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What does claimed and Verified mean?

We want to be transparent, which is why we display information about companies on WOWPilot that we feel is relevant for people reading reviews. This includes how each company is using our platform.
On each company profile, we show how the company is using WOWPilot.
This is indicated by one of three different labels:

Claimed: The company has claimed their profile on WOWPilot but has not verified.

Verified: The company has verified their Business Page .

How To Get The Business Verified?
Send us an Email From the Business Email(For eg. [email protected]) with the Account With Us so that we can verify the Business and The users gets to submi the valuabe feedback which will also increase the authenticity of your business online. Send The Email to [email protected]
Once approved,We will upgrade the page to Verified and this will also unlock the option to collect reviews via email and other platforms(See Plans to Know more)