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We are also amazed by the opportunities given by the ever better and better techniques, technology and equipment to discover our surrounding, the macro and micro world as well as the beauties of the wild world of birds, deer, rabbits, hedgehogs and we could go on and on...
We aim to supply you with all the equipment you might need on this great journey and to give you the best possible advice and service.
365astronomy is a hobby for us. The fact that we earn a salary whilst doing so is just a nice side effect, therefore we deeply believe in that on long term it is more beneficial for both of our customers and ourselves if we give you impartial advice and recommend you products that are most likely to be the best option for you without keeping our profit in mind. If we don't have such a product, we'll try to advise you an alternative, even if it is only available from our competitors. So, don't think of us as sales people, we are simply your friends in this great hobby!
3 Meadow Cl, Worthing BN11 2SF, UK 3 Meadow Cl
San Francisco, CA BN11 2SF
+ (845)-5275813
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July 12, 2019

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